Printrove Team - Jan 23, 2019

Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce Platform?

“Which is the best eCommerce platform? I've heard a lot about Shopify”

This is one of the most common questions that pop up in the minds of people who are just entering into eCommerce.

What do you think about Shopify? Is it really the best eCommerce platform out there?

Well, according to the recent statistics of Shopify is serving 661,172, unique online stores. It is the fastest growing eCommerce platform. Recent statistics say that Shopify has grown three times during the last year and 1.1% of Shopify websites among 1 million are with the highest traffic in the world.

Shopify software is a total package for whatever you need for your first online selling business. Shopify has a unique selling proposition (USP) that has the power to make your online business better than others. It has amazing functionalities that make the customers keep coming back and recommend it to others. This ton of eCommerce features can easily be installed on your small stores.

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Shopify is capable of launching a fully functional eCommerce website within minutes. There’s no need to worry about hosting or buying a domain name from a third party.

In this post, we’ll discuss why we encourage eCommerce entrepreneurs to go for Shopify. Moving on, you’ll learn about the benefits of Shopify over other platforms.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is considered to be the friend of all online store owners. It is the kind of platform in which a complete beginner can add product details and images, and manage inventory. Your Shopify store can easily go up and running in just three steps:

  • Add your products
  • Customize your website design
  • Set up your domain

These steps are very easy, quick and you don’t need any skill set or knowledge to build your website. To prepare your product pages, you just need to write a product description, sale rate, options, and images.

You can also customize your website and install new design themes to make your store look more beautiful. Also, Shopify offers great features in terms of marketing and SEO. You can optimize each product page and customize your own keywords and URLs.

You can use other payment gateways which are free and charge only 2% on the transaction.

Reasons to choose Shopify

#1 24x7 Support

Shopify provides outstanding customer support whenever you need (24x7) through emails, calls or live chat. Just opposite happens in the case of open-source eCommerce platforms. In these other platforms, you’ll have to depend upon the community to give you answers. Or, you will have to hire a developer to do the set up for you. Shopify deals with it more professionally.

#2 Security And Customer Trust

Shopify provides high-security, trust, and trades on credible eCommerce stores. Shopify’s built-in technology brings in the trust and the high-speed website. This helps the eCommerce brands to gain customers’ trust in quality and assurance of an awesome service post-purchase.

#3 A Reliable Hosted Solution

Shopify is completely reliable and it is the first eCommerce website solution to use Content Delivery Network (CDN). Shopify hosting is included in the monthly subscription. Moreover, no extra tools are required to be installed, as Shopify professionals have already taken care of it. Proof? Shopify hosts over five lakh online stores, which definitely speaks of its reliability.

#4 Multiple Sales Channel

Shopify provides a single hosted platform to sell products across multiple channels through pop-up shops, social media, online marketplace or with mobile apps. You can integrate your store with any or all channels and start selling without any gaps.

#5 Mobile-Friendly and Secure

Every theme is secure, user-friendly and optimized for mobile commerce. You can manage your orders, products, staffs, and customers from anywhere - no compromises made. This feature just makes the journey easier. Upload products, process new orders and deliver customer service right from the app.

#6 No Surprise Costs On Your Invoices

Shopify is completely transparent about its fees and enables you to work out easily with no fees for transactions. It gives you 14-days free trial so that you can start your store smoothly. During this trial period, you can try out the platform and plan to start an eCommerce business full on. Also, Shopify Gold offers unlimited bandwidth and, transaction fees is eliminated for high-volume and fast-growing merchants.

#7 Easy Administration

Shopify makes your day-to-day tasks super fast and easy through its dashboard. Building your eCommerce store on Shopify leaves you with a lot of time and mind space to think about growing the business. With Shopify, you’re engaged in the selling process at the minimum. And, you only have to brand the store well and market it to the right people. That’s it.

#8 Multiple Languages Supported

Shopify makes it easy for the sellers throughout the world, even where the major language is NOT English. The Shopify websites are capable of translating the complete website in a particular language. Therefore, this feature makes it friendlier and easier to scale up your eCommerce store to other regions of the world as you’ll be able to connect with the people in their native languages.

What else can you do with Shopify?

  • Manage your inventory (manually)
  • Create an eCommerce store and blog
  • Track customer and order details
  • View analytics
  • Send abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Organize products into categories
  • Quickly set up the store
  • Give discount codes
  • Set up multiple staff log in with different permission levels
  • Set up customer accounts
  • Sort customers (by location etc) to understand them more
  • Fully customize your online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited product and inventory
  • Fulfill orders in a single step

There are a lot of Shopify reviews online based on users’ personal experience. Go through the reviews and analyze the possibilities. Then, choose the right platform for your store based on resources and objectives.

Also, Printrove has partnered with Shopify to provide some amazing benefits to its clients who are looking to start with Shopify. As a result of our partnership, Shopify does not charge you anything until you complete your first 50 orders from your Shopify store. This just takes off the risk from your head and gives you enough time to be stable with the store. After this criterion is reached, you can choose any of the suitable Shopify plans available. So, not only it makes your undertaking risk-free, but also has a lot more to offer. Check it here for yourself, in detail.

Shopify is also integrated with Printrove and, thus, making the selling process easier. Once the Shopify app is integrated with Printrove, all your processes become hassle-free. You can place your store orders and watch the tracking details being sent to your customers without having to do it manually. You don’t have to go to your dashboard everytime to manage your online orders. Just connect and relax.

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Shopify is the one eCommerce platform that you can rely upon. It has all the features to run a flawless, effective and efficient eCommerce business.

Shopify tools are good enough to launch your official eCommerce website and you will love the platform with all the benefits it comes with. It’ll help you boost your sales easily as you will be more focused on building the business.

It is a robust and reliable eCommerce platform which is definitely a good place to start.

Start Shopify!

Written by Printrove Team